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Word Trippers Tips Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I want a weekly broadcast of one pair of Word Trippers if I have the entire ebook or print book of 390 pairs?

A. The book is accessible any time there is uncertainty about the right word to use. The weekly broadcast features Word Trippers not included in the book. These broadcasts reinforce deeper, more focused learning and keep the interest fresh.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription before the year is up and get a refund?

A. No, cancellations and refunds are not included in this program.

Q. Do you have an Affiliate Program so I can tell others about this and make money from it?

A. Yes. You’ll find details and a sign-up form here.

Q. What if, as a paid subscriber, I share the content with someone who hasn’t bought the subscription?

A. Legal action will be taken when copyright infringement is discovered.

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