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Quickly Find the Right Word When It Matters Most

Imagine having a resource at your fingertips that allows you to quickly find the right word when it matters most. Then imagine refreshing your knowledge every week so you can confidently use confusing English words correctly.

As an admin professional, you know people pay attention to your ability to communicate accurately. Others rely on you for that! But having the right word selection at your fingertips hasn’t always been easy—until now.

ODI presents a solution that enhances your excellence every day (not everyday). Its Word Trippers Tips program offers:

  • 217x220-WordTrippers2Cvr3DWord Tripper of the Week featuring word pairs that, when used incorrectly, make smart people look dumb. (Oh, how proud you’ll feel when you know the difference.) It includes an audio option so you can hear each Word Tripper, too. (See sample on this page.)
  • 38-minute “Strengthen Everything You Write” webinar on how to turn mediocre writing into persuasive, influential messaging that gains the respect of your colleagues (Week #4 MP3 download BONUS)
  • One Word or Two? is for checking if a common word or phrase should be hyphenated or not. (Week #13 PDF download BONUS)
  • Proper Pronoun matrix quickly pinpoints the correct pronoun to use in a sentence (Week #20 PDF download BONUS)
  • Punctuation Guide makes it fast and easy to know which punctuation to use when. (Week #39 PDF download BONUS)
  • Tag-Ons and Redundancies identifies redundant phrases to avoid at a glance. (Week #44 PDF download BONUS)
  • 2 Zany Crossword Puzzles that review previous Word Trippers of the Week (Week #26 and Week #52 interactive BONUS)

Sample of Word Tripper of the Week
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How will Word Trippers Tips benefit you?

  • Allows you to be seen as a credible professional
  • Keeps you “in the know” as a language resource in your office
  • Ensures you’re using the right word properly—a confidence builder
  • Builds respect among your colleagues and self-assurance for you
  • Boosts your reputation for competence and excellence in your world
  • Keeps renewing each year automatically. (A reminder will be sent before your subscription expires, allowing you to opt out.)

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What makes Word Trippers Tips the right subscription to purchase?

  • It helps test your knowledge every week all year!
  • Its usefulness in the marketplace has been time-tested for more than a decade.

Word Trippers Tips saves me a lot of research time because it gives me a quick reference instead of going to Google. I save every Word Tripper of the Week so when my boss or co-workers disagree on how to use a word, Word Trippers becomes the referee. All of us live on email. If someone sends me one that’s sloppily written, it’s like saying, ‘I don’t have time for you.’ I want to be sure I write clearly and accurately. Word Trippers Tips is perfect for me!

– Susan Powell, Admin Assistant

ODI presents Barbara McNichol, creator of Word Trippers

Non-Fiction-Book-Editing-240x220As an expert editor of nonfiction books and articles, Barbara has been on a crusade for two decades to curb the misuse of words through her Word Trippers. She continues to create Word Tripper of the Week because, in her daily editing, she sees she’ll never run out of words that trip people up.

Get a better grasp of the English language in your professional role

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When does your subscription start?

Immediately. You’ll receive a download of your Word Trippers ebook featuring 390+ Word Trippers.

You’ll also receive Word Tripper of the Week #1 and every week for the next 51 weeks. It automatically renews every year unless you unsubscribe. (Yes, you’ll be sent a reminder.)

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Still unsure? Contact Barbara McNichol at barbara@wordtrippers.com or 520-615-7910.

Turn to Your Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters!

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You don’t want to embarrass yourself in print. But figuring out the differences can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. You’ll find clear explanations for each of the commonly confused word pairs. That makes it quick and easy to select the option that applies and then get back to the task at hand.

– Lynette Smith