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Do You Work with English Language Learners? 

This Program Reinforces Your Teaching and Puts Money in Your Pocket

As a decision-maker in a language school for American English or as a teacher or parent of English Language Learners (ELL), you want learning materials that enhance both your effectiveness and your reputation.

Here’s an exciting, easy-to-administer program that supports learning English now and for years to come. Students will thank you going forward—and you get thanked right away as an affiliate of Word Tripper Tips for English Language Learners.

PLUS everyone benefits more when it’s offered as required course material.

Word Trippers Tips: What’s In It for Students? #ELL

Through this Word Trippers Tips annual subscription, you’ll increase your students’ ability to learn American English. Each student’s individual subscription includes:

  • A Word Trippers ebook featuring 390+ pesky pairings of words that can trip up even the best communicators (except vs. accept, advise vs. advice, further vs. farther, to name a few)
  • A Word Tripper of the Week arriving each week by email in written and spoken form for 52 weeks
  • 4 bonus PDFs on grammar, word use, and punctuation
  • A 38-minute webinar on strengthening writing skills
  • A fun crossword puzzle that reviews previous Word Trippers of the Week !

If you choose, all materials can be co-branded to be top of mind among students and people they know. This keeps your marketing going long after your own courses end!

What’s In It for You as an Affiliate?

You or your English language school will enjoy:

  • Risk-free newfound revenue for including Word Trippers Tips
  • Extended marketing after course completion at no cost to you
  • Unique content that complements (not compliments) your English language teaching

PLUS you or your organization earns a commission for each subscription and renewal by putting Word Trippers Tips for English Language Learners into the hands of current and future students.

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate?

You earn 25% of each $99 USD annual subscription. That means for every 100 subscriptions, you put $2,475 in your pocket.

Additional benefits of Word Trippers Tips include:

  • No inventory to manage – it’s all pixels delivered directly to your subscribers
  • No administration – our headquarters handles everything
  • No limit on earnings – you can promote it far and wide
  • Recurring revenue – from renewing and brand new subscribers

See how the PLUSes add up!

What’s Next? #LearnEnglish

Contact Barbara McNichol at to schedule a conversation about getting started.

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