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Want Found Money? Here’s a Lucrative Opportunity

Who in your circle values precise, intelligent, accurate communication?

Imagine their gratitude when you tell them about an English language resource that lets them quickly find the right word when it matters most—a resource that refreshes every week?

But what’s in it for you?217x220-WordTrippers2Cvr3D

Consider this: You’ll earn affiliate dollars by introducing people to a practical program for using the English language easily and accurately.

Called Word Trippers Tips, this annual subscription program includes:

  • An ebook featuring 390+ pesky Word Tripper pairings of words that can trip up even the best communicators (except vs. accept, advise vs. advice, further vs. farther, to name a few)
  • A Word Tripper of the Week arriving by email for 52 weeks (see sample on this page)
  • Bonus PDFs on grammar and punctuation tips every quarter
  • A 38-minute webinar on better writing
  • A fun crossword puzzle reviewing previous Word Trippers of the Week

Sample of Word Tripper of the Week
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How will Word Trippers Tips benefit you as an affiliate?

  • Gives you a valued, proven product to promote to people in your circle
  • Broadens your marketing reach through a highly credible offer
  • Allows you to put extra money in your pocket every month (you’ll receive payment within the first five business days of the month)
  • Pays you a 25% fee for all $99 subscriptions sold through your link AND pays you again when they renew!

Consider this: Attract 100 subscribers and you’ll receive $2,475. For 1,000 subscribers, it’s 10 times that amount!

This “extra money” adds up quickly—at no risk to you!

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How can you get involved?

  1. First, sign up at this affiliate link.
  2. Send out emails to your lists. (Draft emails we provide in Manage Media area will get you started.)
  3. Promote Word Trippers Tips in your webinars, newsletters, speeches, social media, and more.
  4. Post guest blogs geared toward better writing (also provided!).
  5. Reap the rewards immediately.

EXTRA: Ask about co-branding your Word Trippers Tips offer to strengthen interest and credibility. Email Barbara to set up a time to discuss.

Questions? See FAQs.

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What makes Word Trippers Tips the right offer for your people?

  • Your name is linked to helping them improve their writing and their professional image—a valuable connection.
  • Word Trippers has been time-tested for its value in the marketplace.

How can you help people get a better grasp of the English language?

When they sign up through your affiliate link, they immediately receive a download of Word Trippers ebook featuring 390+ Word Trippers. Then they’ll automatically receive Word Tripper of the Week #1 and every week for the next 51 weeks. They’ll look forward to each one and the excellent bonus resources, too.

Who has created Word Trippers and this program?

Wordshop photo - model pose_cropped_200As an expert editor of nonfiction books and articles, Barbara has been on a crusade to curb the misuse of words through her Word Trippers. She continues to create Word Tripper of the Week because, in her daily editing, she sees she’ll never run out of words that trip people up.

Questions? See FAQs.

For more information, contact Barbara McNichol at 520-615-7910 or

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Editors, Authors, and Marketers Love Word Trippers!

From writing I encountered in the business world, I think everyone from administrative assistants to managers and CEOs would benefit from Word Trippers. Gremlins can sneak in anywhere!

– Peggy Henrikson, author/editor

As a professional writer, I enjoy the twists of the English language, such as when to use peek or peak, and course or coarse. Like big rocks on a path, I trip over how to use ‘lay vs. lie’ and ‘compose vs. comprise.’ That’s when I peek at Barbara’s Word Trippers ebook and get back on course.

– Patrice Rhoades-Baum, copywriter/marketer

Because this language of ours contains so many words that look alike, sound alike, and have similar meanings, finding the right one can be confusing. Should it be eager or anxious? Peak or peek or even pique? Well, if you find yourself scratching your head at times about the right word, Barbara McNichol has a great tool for you. Word Trippers contains nearly 400 pairs of words that can trip you up, especially if you think a spellchecker program is all you need.

– Bob Kelly, expert wordsmith

You don’t want to embarrass yourself in print. But figuring out the differences can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. You’ll find clear explanations for each of the commonly confused word pairs. That makes it quick and easy to select the option that applies and then get back to the task at hand.

– Lynette Smith, author/editor

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