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Word Trippers Tips Program Frequently Asked Questions
Affiliate Participants

Q. Why would people want a weekly broadcast of one pair of Word Trippers if they have the entire ebook or print book of 390 pairs?

A. The Word Trippers ebook can be accessed any time someone is uncertain about the right word to use. Word Tripper of the Week features Word Trippers that aren’t included in the ebook. With audio and images, these weekly
broadcasts reinforce deeper, more focused learning and keep interest fresh.

Q. What if a paid subscriber shares the content with someone who hasn’t bought the subscription?

A. Legal action will be taken when copyright infringement is discovered.

Q. Can our company or association have exclusivity on the subscription offer?

A. An exclusive will be considered in certain situations, e.g., in a defined region; for a time period; excluding named competitors, etc. A surcharge applies for

Q. Can we choose which Word Trippers are in our offer?

A. Customization fees apply.

Q. How do you handle delivering the tips through a corporate firewall?

A. Your network administrator provides access permissions.

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