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Is Texting Killing the English Language?

There is cause to worry.

Studies show 6% of corporate time is wasted on poorly written communication. People just can’t figure out the intended message!

And billions of dollars are spent each year on remedial writing training. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73.4% of employers look for candidates who are good writers – and having a heck of a time finding them.

We risk turning into a world of, at best, second-rate writers.  Texting and IM are getting in the way. Sloppiness and word blunders can trip you up big time. Using even a single wrong word or phrase can change how others regard you. They  either see you as the business professional who’s committed to a high degree of accuracy – or they dismiss you as someone who doesn’t know any better.

The World Needs Better Writers!

What if you could instantly access a tool to become a better communicator and employee-on-the-fast-track-to-promotion?

And it costs less than tickets for live theater.

And it’s easy and fun to use. We have shared it with lots of other professionals and now you.

If you know you need to learn how to write better …

If you think poor communication skills are keeping you from doing your job well or advancing to the next level …

Even if you believe you’re doing well, but you simply aren’t satisfied until you DO BETTER …

Word Trippers Tips Solves These Problems for You

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I’m Barbara McNichol, chief architect of Word Trippers Tips. For years, I edited other people’s manuscripts and articles. The repeated mistakes in them boggled my mind. I saw people getting tripped up even on the most basic words … getting meanings wrong … mixing up similarly spelled words … yet had they not had the advantage of an editor, they could have lost the respect of those they most wanted to influence.

I started compiling a list of the most common errors that trip people up – ones that could derail a career. Then I distributed fixes for them to clients and friends.

People got it right away!

From there, I created a full year’s curriculum on Powerful, Influential Writing based on my decades of experience correcting and enriching other people’s writing efforts. I called it (what else?) Word Trippers Tips.

Who does Word Trippers Tips help the most?

  • Business professionals
  • VAs and admin assistants
  • Authors, bloggers, speakers, coaches
  • Paralegals, court reporters, grant writers
  • And affiliate participants!

How does Word Trippers Tips benefit you?

  • Curbs costly and embarrassing blunders
  • Builds your confidence and self-assurance
  • Increases respect for you and your work
  • Boosts your credibility as a knowledgeable professional
  • Gives you the gift of using the English language accurately

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There is nothing else like it on the market.

I LOVE helping people feel more confident knowing they could write something well and not fear being corrected – or judged. And they, in turn, influence others and ascend the career ladder. 

Word Trippers Tips Is Currency

Word Trippers Tips is money in the bank. It helps you with clarity and accuracy in your writing. And, when used consistently, it elevates you in the eyes of the people around you. Because of the way you write, they start to think of you as someone who can be trusted. An influencer.

Through its webinar , Word Trippers Tips addresses such atrocities as:

  • Wordiness …
  • Word Clutter …
  • Wobbly Words …
  • Redundancies …
  • Punctuation …

You’ll be able to:

  • Plan your piece before writing the first word
  • Find exactly the right word to match your meaning
  • Whack wordiness to reduce word clutter
  • Pursue a parallel path in your sentence structure
  • Tap into the power of three for rhythm and cadence
  • Access a great primer on punctuation (yes, we still need that)

As a subscriber, you receive a full year of on-target information you need to become a better writer:

  • Word Tripper of the Week featuring word pairs that, when used incorrectly, make smart people look dumb. (Oh, how proud you’ll feel when you know the difference.) It includes an audio option so you can hear each Word Tripper, too. (See sample on this page.)
  • 38-minute “Strengthen Everything You Write” webinar on how to turn mediocre writing into persuasive, influential messaging that gains the respect of your colleagues (Week #4 MP3 download BONUS)
  • One Word or Two? is for checking if a common word or phrase should be hyphenated or not. (Week #13 PDF download BONUS)
  • Proper Pronoun matrix quickly pinpoints the correct pronoun to use in a sentence (Week #20 PDF download BONUS)
  • Punctuation Guide makes it fast and easy to know which punctuation to use when. (Week #39 PDF download BONUS)
  • Tag-Ons and Redundancies identifies redundant phrases to avoid at a glance. (Week #44 PDF download BONUS)
  • 2 Zany Crossword Puzzles that review previous Word Trippers of the Week (Week #26 and Week #52 interactive BONUS)217x220-WordTrippers2Cvr3D

As soon as you purchase this skill-building program, you receive the Word Trippers ebook as a download in your welcome letter. This searchable resource features nearly 400 pesky pairings that can trip you up.

Want to purchase the print version for $12? Go here.

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Sample of Word Tripper of the Week (includes audio )


(Click on image to enlarge)

Word Trippers Tips saves me a lot of research time because it gives me a quick reference instead of going to Google. I save every Word Tripper of the Week so when my boss or co-workers disagree on how to use a word, Word Trippers becomes the referee. All of us live on email. If someone sends me one that’s sloppily written, it’s like saying, ‘I don’t have time for you.’ I want to be sure I write clearly and accurately. Word Trippers Tips is perfect for me!

– Susan Powell, Project Lead, Ratner Companies

I recommend Word Tripper Tips to people who are serious about their writing and speaking. The weekly word pairs keep me correct on usage and meaning for tricky homonyms and common words. Referencing the grammar and punctuation tips keeps my work professional and polished. Thanks, Word Tripper!

– Abby Marks Beale, President, Rev It Up Reading

Can you give Word Trippers as a gift?

Yes. Go to

My time is incredibly limited, and the last thing I need is useless email clogging up my in-box. I’ve been running my company for 20 years. Truth be told, I was highly skeptical that Word Trippers Tips would be of any benefit. WRONG! In less than 30 seconds, I learned I was using an incorrect word to describe something. As a new subscriber, I’m looking forward to all the Word Trippers.

– Michael Spremulli, Corporate Entertainer & Speaker,

Who created Word Trippers Tips?

Non-Fiction-Book-Editing-240x220As an expert editor of nonfiction books and articles, Barbara McNichol has been on a crusade to curb the misuse of words through Word Trippers.

“I have devoted my career helping other writers write more effectively, to gain influence and respect in the business world. Now you too can benefit from my experience – at a fraction of the cost of what I charge one-on-one.”

When does your subscription start?

Immediately. You receive a download of your Word Trippers ebook featuring nearly 400 Word Trippers.

You also receive Word Tripper of the Week #1 and every week for the next 51 weeks.

Want to help others and put money in your pocket, too?

Other questions? See FAQs for subscribers and affiliates.

Still unsure? Contact Barbara at

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You don’t want to embarrass yourself in print. But figuring out the differences can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. You’ll find clear explanations for each of the commonly confused word pairs. That makes it quick and easy to select the option that applies and then get back to the task at hand.

– Lynette Smith

I highly recommend Word Trippers—a delightful and useful reference with great information from a world-class book editor, Barbara McNichol.

– Anita Paul

Barbara’s Word Trippers material should be in everyone’s back pocket. It is a quintessential reference for those words that can stump us with their
appropriate use. Highly recommended.

– Mary Shaefer

Barbara has gathered all those tricky words, so easily confused—bring/take, then/than, lay/lie—to assist the writer in using the correct word. Authors as well as learners of English, creative writing, and
journalism would do well to keep this book within reach at all times.

– Valerie Allen

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