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Quickly Find the Right Word When It Matters Most

Imagine having a resource at your fingertips that allows you to quickly find the right word when it matters most. Then you can refresh your knowledge every week to avoid embarrassment and know how to use English correctly.

People pay attention to your ability to communicate accurately. But having the right word selection at your fingertips hasn’t always been easy—until now.

Word Trippers Tips annual subscription program offers:

  • 217x220-WordTrippers2Cvr3DA Word Trippers ebook featuring 390+ pesky pairings of words that can trip you up
    (except vs. accept, advise vs. advice, further vs.
    farther, to name a few)
  • A Word Tripper of the Week arriving in your in-box for 52 weeks (see sample on this page)
  • 4 bonus PDFs on grammar and punctuation tips
  • A 38-minute webinar on better writing
  • A fun crossword puzzle that reviews previous Word Trippers of the Week

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Sample of Word Tripper of the Week (includes audio version)


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Who benefits from using Word Trippers Tips?

  • Business professionals
  • VAs and admin assistants
  • Authors, bloggers, speakers
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Court reporters and journalists
  • And affiliate participants!

Exactly how will Word Trippers Tips benefit you?

  • Allows you to be seen as a credible professional
  • Aids in using the English language quickly and easily
  • Ensures you’re using the right word properly—a confidence builder
  • Builds respect among your colleagues and self-assurance for you
  • Keeps renewing each year automatically. (A reminder will be sent before your subscription expires, allowing you to opt out.)

What makes Word Trippers Tips the right subscription to purchase?

Word Trippers Tips logo-500Your Word Tripper of the Week hones your knowledge, improves your writing, and keeps the learning alive. And its usefulness has been time-tested for more than a decade.

Can you give Word Trippers as a gift? Yes. Go to

My time is incredibly limited, and the last thing I need is useless email
clogging up my in-box. I’ve been running my company for close to 20 years. Truth be told, I was highly skeptical that WordTrippers would be of any
benefit. WRONG! In less than 30 seconds, I learned I was using an incorrect word to describe something. As a new subscriber, I’m looking forward to all the Word Trippers.

– Michael Spremulli, Corporate Entertainer & Speaker,

Meet Barbara McNichol, creator of Word Trippers

Non-Fiction-Book-Editing-240x220As an expert editor of nonfiction books and articles, Barbara has been on a crusade for two decades to curb the misuse of words through her Word Trippers. She continues to create Word Tripper of the Week because, in her editing, she sees she’ll never run out of words that trip people up.

Get a better grasp of the English language—easily

Your investment is only $99/year.

When does your subscription start?

Immediately. You’ll receive a download of your Word Trippers ebook featuring 390+ Word Trippers.

You’ll also receive Word Tripper of the Week #1 and every week for the next 51 weeks. It automatically renews every year unless you unsubscribe. (Yes, you’ll be sent a reminder.)

Want to help others and put money in your pocket, too?

Questions? See FAQs for subscribers and affiliates.

Still unsure? Contact Barbara at

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You don’t want to embarrass yourself in print. But figuring out the
differences can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. You’ll find clear explanations for each of the commonly confused word pairs. That makes it quick and easy to select the option that applies and then get back to the task at hand.

– Lynette Smith

I highly recommend Word Trippers—a delightful and useful reference with great information from a world-class book editor, Barbara McNichol.

– Anita Paul

Barbara’s Word Trippers material should be in everyone’s back pocket. It is a quintessential reference for those words that can stump us with their
appropriate use. Highly recommended.

– Mary Shaefer

Barbara has gathered all those tricky words, so easily confused—bring/take, then/than, lay/lie—to assist the writer in using the correct word. Authors as well as learners of English, creative writing, and
journalism would do well to keep this book within reach at all times.

– Valerie Allen

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